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Picture of Dr. Al-Zougbi from Tampa Endocrinology Institute

Tampa Endocrinology Institute, LLC

One-on-one personalized endocrine care by Dr. Asma Al-Zougbi, MD, MME

Tampa Endocrinology Institute, LLC is privileged to offer you cutting edge, evidence-based medicine for all your endocrine needs. I take pride in treating patients as fellow humans with unique needs and goals, while developing long lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

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Conditions of Expertise

Personalized Endocrine Care

Man Doing Blood Test

Diabetes Types 1 and 2

Diabetes care has improved in leaps and bounds over the last decade, with the rise of GLP1 (and now GIP and soon glucagon) receptor agonists and the technical revolution of continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps. However, the importance of lifestyle has remained stable since these conditions were discovered. I enjoy figuring out the nuances of each patient's diabetes needs, and working together to optimize diabetes outcomes.

Person Cooking Healthy Meal

Weight Management

For people who have tried (and failed) multiple weight loss diets, exercise regimens, diet supplements and snake oil. Weight loss is a lifetime commitment that takes lifetime changes and cannot happen overnight. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to steal your money. I am a proponent of lifestyle changes and weight loss (and maintaining) medication and am excited about tailoring regimens made especially for you.


Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid conditions (including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules) are very common. Though their treatment is usually straight forward for patients and doctors alike, there are times when patients with these conditions do not feel quite right despite having normal labs. It is often difficult to determine what symptoms are caused by the thyroid and which are caused by the pace and stress of modern life, however some patients feel better on certain formulations of thyroid hormone.
Thyroid cancer is diagnosed by biopsy and followed by thyroid surgery and possible radioactive iodine. When your thyroid is removed, you will need thyroid hormone replacement.

Brain Scans

Pituitary Conditions

Pituitary hormone abnormalities and nodules are common and it is important to know when to treat, how to treat and when to just follow carefully. I enjoy working with patients to determine their goals and formulate a treatment plan.

Doctor and Patient

Parathyroid Conditions

The parathyroids are glands very few people know about until they have a problem with them. Who would have thought a gland the size of a lentil can be so troublesome!

Old Lady

Bone Conditions

Osteoporosis and low bone mass are quiet disorders that can change your life with one fracture. Its good to be on top of bone health, optimizing your lifestyle to keep those bones healthy, and to start treating them when your risk of fracture increases!

A senior man by the swimming pool

Male Testosterone Deficiency

When it comes to testosterone, we all know that numbers matter. That is why I don't replace testosterone if it isn't deficient. However, getting testosterone into normal range can be life changing and we can work on doing that in a safe manner.

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By appointment only:

2111 W Swann Ave, Suite 204

Tampa, Florida 33606

Please park in the garage or parking lot at the back of the building on S Westland Ave and enter the building through the covered garage

(813) 360-1214

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5 stars on Google Reviews (as of 11/28/23)

"Doctor Al-Zougbi is an amazing forward thinking doctor. I cant recommend her enough for making me and my husband healthier. Collectively our blood work has improved drastically."

"Dr. Al-Zougbi is a wonderful physician. She was very flexible and was happy to start working with my via a telehealth visit after being newly diagnosed with diabetes. She is very attentive and has a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to working with Dr. Al-Zougbi for a long time."

"Dr. Asma Al-Zougbi is absolutely amazing. She is the first doctor I’ve been to for my thyroid issues that actively listens to my concerns and she is amazing with explanations that I can actually understand. I live almost 2 hours away and make the drive to her office happily because she is that amazing. Highly recommend!!"

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